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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Corningware Simply lite

6 pcs simply lite with 2 pyrex glass cover


6pcs Corning Ware Simply Lite
RM 270/set
A new lightweight glass bakeware material bringing exciting features and benefits to you while making cooking and entertaining easier! 
Microwave safe/ oven/ refrigerator/dishwasher

A new lightweight glass bakeware material bringing exciting features and benefits to you while making cooking and entertaining easier!

At half the weight of traditional ceramic bakeware*, SimplyLite® is easier to handle from the oven and while passing food at the table.

Made in the USA of VITRELLE® glass, the bakeware has a super smooth non porous surface that makes for easy food release and is dishwasher safe so cleanup is effortless. The entire collection of bakeware, glass and plastic lids nest and stack within 12 inches for space saving storage in small urban spaces and those with limited cabinet space.

SimplyLite® glass bakeware is backed with a
3 year warranty and will be replaced if damaged under normal household usage in accordance with the usage and care instructions.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Corelle 16pcs Square- Simple Line

New pattern (in my blog ;))will arrive soonnnn
Expected on May 2011..


RM 370/set.
ayoo gambar kecik plakk . nnti upload yg clear...

do contact for reservation

Friday, February 11, 2011

European Herbs- Gorgeous Green

 Set of 20 pcs rm450/set
(with cup~ corelle coordinate japan)
Set of 16pcs pcs rm 399/set

this were European Herb in person...
definitely love the design actualyy..
green leaves + purple~lish lavender + yelowishs  flowers..its perfect!!!
make you dinner  look freshhh wt these herbally design!!! sooooooooo nice!!

Rosseta~ Love roses Love Rosetta

hii u olls..
Just jotted to introduce...........................
New  Corelle Design  Launch about a months agoo..
well.. Sogo got display this settt but alot of frenns esply outside K.L keep asked the design actually..
so first time in blog i upload the pics.. (dont have pics before)........

16pcs set RM 399/set
free Gift~~ 2 mee bowl wth plastic lid..
(while stock lasttt)

Market price is RM599..

so take alook........... maybe some of you wiil fallin love!<3 <3<3

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Visions Cookware- USA

Vision Cookware set 6 pcs..

ur best kitchen cookware!
Set 6 pcs
Market Price RM359.00++ (can check @ sogo,parkson..etc)

here is RM300.00/set

consist of

1 x 0.8 ltr
1 x 1.25 ltr
1 x 2.25 lltr

6pc Versapot Set
CodeVS 336

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Corningware set 6 pcs..

u best kitchen cookware!
choose ur favourite desgn & tell me

Set 6 pcs
Market Price RM649.00 (can check @ sogo,parkson..etc)

here is RM470.00/set

consist of
1 x 1.5 ltr
1 x 3.0 ltr
1 x 5.0 lltr

**also have few design not in the pics.i.e: kobe,prety pink..


European Herbs

Country Rose

Shadow Iris

Warm pansies


do email & call for any enquiries


Monday, January 3, 2011

Corelle Dinnerset 20 pcs!! all Design

Corelle Dinnerset 20 pcs In Da HOUSE!!!
Choose your Favourite design & email me! or 0192320441
all booking required deposit of RM50.00
balance can be installment to max. 4x bayar or Cash on Delivery!

all design set 20pcs: RM450/set
consist of
4 pcs Dinner Plates/ Pinggan makan malam
4 pcs Bread & Butter Plates /Pinggan serbaguna

4 pcs 21cm Soup bowls /pinggan soup
4 pcs Saucers /piring
4 pcs Cups /cawan

Country Rose 20pcs

European Herbs 20pcs

Kobe 20pcs

Pretty Pink 20pcs

Sakura 20pcs

Warm Pansies 20pcs

Plum 20pcs


Corelle Dinnerware Round Shape 16pcs - Sakura, Kobe, Plum, European herbs ..etc

Attention.. more aditional  & variance set are arriving!!
have a look & happy shooping!!
compare my price to others... U SAVE UR MONEY HERE..
happy shopping!!

Design Plum16pcs

Design Sakura 16pcs

Design Pertty Pink 16pcs

Design Country Rose 16pcs

Design European Herbs 16pcs

Design Warm Pansies 16pcs

  also available design not in the picture are Kobe, Rosetta (New Design), Shadow Iris & Dancing Floral..

each set consist of:

6 x dinner plate
6 x bread & butter plate
2 x soup bowl
1 x serving plater
1 x serving bowl

ALL DESIGN 16pcs set: RM 399.00*/set

free delivery to pickup location
**courier request to be borne by customer


Shima @019-2320441
email me at